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Bringing a Pet to Wag?

Great! We can’t wait to meet them. If you plan to bring a pet with you, save time by completing your pet paperwork in advance. Simply print, complete, and bring the Release Agreement with you to the Wag admission gate.

Pet Release Agreement

Rules for Bringing a Pet

All pets must be current on all age-appropriate vaccinations for their species. Pets must be on a short (6-foot or less), nonretractable leash, or otherwise likewise and safely restrained in an appropriate pet carrier for their species and size. Please bring only well behaved, non-aggressive pets that will not become stressed in crowded, stimulating, and noisy environments. Please do not bring female pets that are in heat.

Your pet will be exposed to many different types and species of animals, and many other people including small children. Your pet will be exposed to dogs barking, a variety of other animal sounds and smells, people speaking loudly on microphones, crowds clapping, attendees cheering, and many other sounds, plus wheelchairs, scooters, wagons, and strollers.

You know your pet’s behavior and preferences best, so take care to ensure that your pet will be as happy at Wag as you will be. Selling any kind of animal is not allowed.

Safety for Children and Pets

Please keep in mind a bite from any kind of animal can occur in only a second. Please review safe dog (and all pet) greeting behaviors with your children before attending Wag. Children should first ask the owner’s permission to pet an animal, allow the calm pet to approach them and sniff their hands before gently petting the animal’s chest or back and not the top of its head, and speak softly and slowly to the pet. Children should not stare at, jump on, grab, or scream at a pet or startle it from behind. If a pet is not calm, don’t attempt to pet it, and walk away. Even the most well-behaved pets may be easily startled, especially in an already bustling environment.